Julian O'Shea

Julian O'Shea

Hello! - I'm Julian O'Shea, I'm a researcher, educator and social entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia.

▶️ I make educational YouTube videos that explore the world around us. Answering questions like: Why Do Trucks Keep Hitting this Bridge? - and Why Isn't The Victorian - South Australian Border a Straight Line?

🌏 I'm the Founder and CEO of Unbound, an educational social enterprise that leads global learning programs around the world.

🛴 I leading the Vehicle for Change project at the Mobility Design Lab at Monash University. This project involves designing new forms of sustainable transport and vehicles, and conducing world-first journeys for public engagement.

🌲 I'm the Co-Director of the Wattle Fellowship an emerging leadership program at the University of Melbourne.

Check out more of what I do below:


Made in Melbourne - 2021